To know Christ and to make Him known.
For someone to truly know Christ they must first respond to the message of Jesus Christ through repentance and faith. They must humbly submit their hearts to Christ and allow the Gospel to transform their lives. That’s why we want to lead people to know Christ in a personal way by providing opportunities to hear and respond to the Gospel. Once people know Christ in a personal way, not only will the gospel bring renewal in their lives, but also in the lives of those around them. That’s what it means to make Christ known. We believe the Gospel is the only thing that can truly transform individuals, families, communities, states, our nation, the nations, and every circle of influence that God entrusts to us. That’s why the Gospel must be lived out and shared on a daily basis.


TREASURE Christ in Our Hearts
Treasuring Jesus Christ in our hearts is the first step to becoming a Christian. It begins when we realize that Jesus Christ is the most valuable treasure in this world and that He’s worth laying down our lives for. When we willing lay down our lives as a sacrifice to Jesus, we not only receive new life in His name, but we live out our life as an act of worship. We now live for eternal things and hold loosely everything that is earthly. We must make sure our hearts are humbly submitted to do His will and not our own. We desire to give as many people the opportunity to hear and respond to this treasure that is found in Jesus. Only the Gospel has the power to transform and bring renewal in our lives. CORE VALUE: The Gospel, Worship
TEACH the Bible to Transform Minds
Teaching each other the truth of God’s Word in order to shape our minds is the next step to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. God desires Christians to see the world from His perspective. He has given us His divinely inspired Word to do just that. That’s why we lovingly study, teach, preach and live all of God’s Word individually, to our families, one on one, in small groups, and in large gatherings. The teaching and preaching of God’s Word is central to the life of the church. CORE VALUE: The Bible, Discipleship
SHARE Together in Biblical Community
Sharing in Biblical Community is the third step in becoming a faithful follower of Christ. For a believer, “church” is not something we just simply attend every now and then. He is calling us to be a living community that reflects Jesus to the watching world. He is calling us to value the unity of our gathering over individual wants. He is calling us to give, serve, and share with one another, no matter what the age or background. We must be transformed from simply a gathering of individuals into a healthy, living community of God. CORE VALUE: Biblical Community, Biblical Church Leadership
REACH the World for Christ
Reaching the World for Christ is the final step in becoming a faithful follower of Christ. We will pray, give, and go to advance the Gospel, giving everyone everywhere the repeated opportunity to come to faith in Jesus Christ. We will also take this message to the world through local and foreign mission endeavors. We will live our lives on mission, sharing our faith with the lost around us as we live out the gospel on a daily basis. CORE VALUES: Evangelism and Missions.